Small and overlooked like a geek in a freakshow.

Wearing an icon on his chest like a superhero.

He’s not an onion – he’s the last in the sequel!

Our ickle Garlek, he’s stronger on the inside than the out. The runt of the litter whose concept was created whilst work was in progress on his fellow members. A concept in response to a passerby’s comment:

"Look! ... Look at the Garlics!”

…Every great idea has a strong scented bulb of genius.

Title: Garlek
Collection: UK Invasion
Pieces in this collect: 12
Photo: Detail of painting
Materials: Acrylic paint on Canvas
Dimensions: 20"x30"
Price: £4,450 (framing and delivery not included - arrangements can be organised)
Also available as Fine Art Giclée prints