A Greenwich Time Lord born in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, a few ticks from Henry VIII’s birthplace. Kronos takes his name from the Greek God of time, with eight being the prequel to nine, blasting off before Apollo. Before completion, the painting Kronus 8 was known as project code title GMT8 – and it didn't stand for Greenwich Mean Time.

Kronos reflects images of Greenwich throughout the ages, whilst standing proud in Henry VIII’s bling. His shape is constructed by the ticking of time overflowing from the Cutty Sark museum. The dome of the Greenwich Foot Tunnel as a head, where the Observatory is capturing signals and broad-casts. An eyepiece that reflects a window in the Queen’s House, whose architecture influenced the design of America’s White House. All these simple elements make Kronos like a ship in a bottle - or just a salt pot from Greenwich Market’s Coach ‘n’ Horses pub!

Title: Kronos 8
Collection: UK Invasion
Pieces in this collect: 12
Photo: Detail of painting
Materials: Acrylic paint on Canvas
Dimensions: 20"x30"
Price: £4250 ono

Also available as Fine Art Giclée prints