Like a binary code, a download of information, paint and canvas collided on the 11/01/11 – and Phone Hacked was born, creating an exchange connection of what has to be the Greatest British Sci-fi design created by Raymond Cusick, and Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s K2 kiosk – a most iconic British image. The painting concerns the hacking of personal information in all forms, and the boundaries of intellectual property and copywrite, in what then went onto become the biggest news headlines of 2011 - the News of the World’s phone hacking scandal. The ‘big red top’ of the K2 kiosk took its design influence from graveyard mausoleums-ums, whilst the iconic sci-fi shape represents an evil dictator. There are also a few other reflective gems (Easter eggs!) hidden within this piece and the others that follow in the UK Invasion series.

Phone Hacked was designed and painted at the beginning of 2011, and entered into the Royal Academy of Arts summer show that March. The final painting got though a couple of selection panels before being rejected - months before the phone hacking scandal hit the world news that summer.


Title: Phone Hacked
Collection: UK Invasion
Pieces in this collect: 12
Photo: Detail of painting
Materials: Acrylic paint on Canvas
Dimensions: 20"x30"
Price: £4250 ono

Also available as Fine Art Giclée prints