He’s on his Majesty’s Secret Service complete with attachments and ready to fulfil any cleaning need.

One of my favourite Star Wars characters, to me he’s always had the instinct of Jedi and more skills to match.

With this painting, I wanted to combine the character R2-D2 with a vacuum cleaner, and a Henry was the prefect vessel. But whilst exploring and unpacking the design of the Henry, I realised that the top half was based on the famous British bowler hat. After adding the hat to my composition, the piece took on a Clockwork Orange feel. Adding the Simon Says buttons to the top of the bowler hat juxtaposes the relationship between the elements of the painting and signals artificial intelligence.

Referencing my past experience and relationship with one of my favourite childhood series of films, that blew my young mind watching it at a cinema in Chester after a day at the races. Later in my life, after the turn of the 21st Century, I spent two years working on the Official UK Star Wars magazine, comic and fan club.

Title: R2 VAC
Collection: 5T4R W4R5
Pieces in this collect: 3
Photo: Detail of painting
Materials: Acrylic paint on Canvas
Dimensions: 24"x24"
Price: £2,250 ono

Also available as Fine Art Giclée prints