ZAFFRE - Limited Hundred Edition Fine Art Print


Format / Delivery Destination
ZAFFRE - A Digital Remix in Blue
from the painting ‘Phone Hacked’ (acrylic paint on 20x30” canvas, 2011 by Stu MacKay)

The call has been answer upon special request, re-dressed in the twilight of dusk and dawn: Zaffre, a blue phoenix has emerged from melting cobalt ore, hidden deep within the body of its previous incarnation. Communications were intercepted, warning of mutations that may have occurred during the transformation. It’s DNA now registering a new identification code #0014A

Embodiment: One hundred limited edition clones.

Dimensions: external frame measurements 30.5x24” framed,

also available as unframed 23x18.5” fine art print
(775x610mm frame / 585x470mm print)

Release date: Saturday 23rd March 2019.